A strong workforce from a large draw area and a pro-business community make Warren County an ideal location for large employers.

Being adjacent to the Augusta MSA and the future Army Cyber Command Headquarters at Fort Gordon will bring additional skilled labor to the area.

A leading manufacturer of high-quality brake components, Asama Coldwater Manufacturing Inc. in Warrenton, recently announced an 80,000-square-foot expansion facility adjacent to its 203,000-square-foot foundry operated by the company. This expansion will add several new jobs to the community.

Thriving industries in the east central region include manufacturing, mining, foundry, textiles, healthcare, retail, agribusiness, plastic extrusion and metal operation. Solar farms are also successful in the Warren County area.

Warren County’s beautiful land also opens up potential tourism opportunities for the community. Not only is the county home to five National Register of Historic Places sites, but it is home to hunting preserves and numerous recreational opportunities.