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Possible incentives may include:

  • Available land at low cost
  • Local tax assistance and tax abatement schedules through the Development Authority of Warren County
  • Industrial Revenue Bond Financing (IRB) available through the Development Authority of Warren County
  • $4,000 Job Tax Credit per new job created each year for five years (Unused job tax credits can be carried forward for up to 10 years. Since Warren County is a Tier 1 community, credits may be taken against 100 percent of corporate income tax liability.)
  • One Georgia Grants
  • More information on other available tax credits for investment, retraining, ports, etc. www.georgia.org/competitive-advantages/tax-credits
  • Georgia’s low corporate tax rate of 6 percent; single factor apportionment formula applies corporate tax rate only to gross receipts or sales in Georgia, significantly reducing the tax rate of Georgia companies with substantial sales to customers outside of Georgia
  • 100% Freeport Exemption for inventory destined to be shipped out of state
  • Quick Start Training for employees at no cost
  • Waiver or reduction in local permitting fees
  • Infrastructure improvements
  • Employment Incentive Program Loans (EIP) and Local Revolving Loans

Property Taxes

Taxes on real estate and tangible personal property are levied by the City of Warrenton, Warren County, Warren County School District, and the State of Georgia as of January 1 of each year.

The taxes are collected by the county. All rates are set at the local level, except state tax, which is fixed by Georgia law. The tax rates are set annually, but do not significantly change from year to year. All properties are assessed at 40% of fair market value. The effective tax rate represents total tax as a percentage of fair market value.

Warren County, Georgia’s millage rate for 2017 is 30.358 mils, or an effective tax rate of 1.21%.

Example: Annual property taxes for $1,000,000 of real or personal property at a millage rate of 30.358 mills would be as follows: $1,000,000 X 40% = $400,000 assessment; $400,000 x .032358 = $12,143 -- annual property taxes